“Experimental poetry archives: perspectives for the future”

November 8th, 2018

Fundació Joan Brossa (La Seca, 2. Barcelona)


From the "Arts and Poetics: creation, archive and education" project (FFI2016-75844-P) we have as one of our main objectives the study of the diversity and homogeneity of the materials collected in experimental poetry archives of Europe, their interdisciplinarity and the activities they generate to publicize their fund and promote creativity based on their documents.

Based on the results of a questionnaire for producers of these archives and those responsible for hosting centers, we have found some common problems that we would like to discuss with a small group of people interested in the subject.

Some of the new questions raised by the answers to the questionnaire are:

  • How can new generations approach an experimental poetry file? What can be done educatively with the archive?

  • Although the files are based on products, can the creative process work from the view of the cataloged documents?

  • How can the file be converted into a creation tool?

  • In general, the visibility of the archive is to display the documents in a web repository or through an exhibition. This usually presents content, movements, etc., but rarely shows the file as the author set. What other types of exhibitions or activities would be possible with experimental poetry?

This is an open list of questions but we hope that the dialogue on November 8th will help us to respond to them and trace some future lines of renewal, as well as to know the reality of some essential files to know a very important part of the creation of the Twentieth Century.


Location and date

Seminar “Experimental poetry archives: perspectives for the future” will be held at Espai Joan Brossa of the Fundació Joan Brossa (La Seca, 2 - Barcelona 08003), on November 8th, 2018.


Chief researcher of group Poció, Universitat de Barcelona

Glòria Bordons
alicia martinez.jpg

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía de Madrid

Alicia Martínez
margarida prats.jpg

Universitat de Barcelona

Margarida Prats
jordi calvet.jpg

Institut de Ciències de l'Educació (ICE) of Universitat de Barcelona

Jordi Calvet
Jordi j clavero.jpg

Fundació Joan Miró

Jordi Clavero


Laia Torrents
patrizio peterlini_edited.jpg

Fondazione Bonotto

Patrizio Peterlini
Carlota Caulfield.jpg

Mills College

Carlota Caulfield

Fundació Privada Guillem Viladot

Pau Minguet

Universitat de Barcelona

Bibiana Crespo
arxiu-nacional 2.jpg

Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya and Departament d'Ensenyament

Pilar Reverté


10:30 - Registration.

11:00 - Welcome by Glòria Bordons (chief researcher of group Poció).

11:30 - Lecture "Geometría variable" by Alicia Martínez (Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía de Madrid).

12:00 - Board "education and creation", with the participation of Jordi Calvet (ICE of Universitat de Barcelona) and Pilar Reverté (Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya and Departament d'Ensenyament) of the research group Didàctica i Arxius, Jordi Clavero (Departament Educatiu de la Fundació Joan Miró), and Laia Torrents (member of CaboSanRoque). Moderator: Margarida Prats.

13:10 - Discussion with the public. Summaries will be available beforehand.

14:00 - Lunch.

16:00 - Board "archives, visibility and creation", with the participation of Patrizio Peterlini (director of Fondazione Bonotto), Carlota Caulfield (professor at Mills College and researcher of visual poets and their archives) and Pau Minguet (director of Fundació Guillem Viladot). Moderadator: Bibiana Crespo.

17:15 - Discussion with the public. Summaries will be available beforehand.

18:00 - Closure and general conclusions from the public's interventions.


Attendance to the seminar is open and free, but the capacity is limited and prior registration is required. Please fill out this form:


Summaries of interventions

You can download the summaries prepared by the participants in case you want to prepare for the subsequent debate.



With the support of:

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2019 Poció. Poesia i educació. Grup de recerca de la Universitat de Barcelona

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